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Just a quick thank you for your excellent service. It’s good to be certain of getting the real thing – it’s a fantastic product!

Cheers dm Australia


 I know you have heard this a zillion times but I just tried the Salux cloth for the first time and it's amazing! My skin is soft and polished like I had a body exfoliation at a high end spa! I love it so much that I posted my opinion and your web address on my Face Book and I never do that! Kind Regards 


 Shopping with you has been a fantastic experience.  Your turnaround time is excellent and your handwritten note inside the package is a perfect touch to remind us that we are not dealing with some faceless, monolithic corporation, but a living breathing person who probably has incredibly soft, glowing skin from using her own product. How uplifting to find a product that delivers more than it promises.  BTW, I discovered you on Into The Gloss, a site that loves your product. Glowingly yours, Kathryn...Los Angeles, CA


First and foremost, thank you for your prompt delivery.  I received my bath towels within days. That same night I used one and appreciated the difference it made on my skin.  It truly is very different than anything else out there. Best wishes,Gloria  Oak Park, IL

 Thank you, Joie! A friend gave me a Salux a while ago, and I love it. I was wanting a new one to take on a trip as well as a backup. Purchased a cheap version from Walmart last night and there is no comparison. I learned a lot from your website! And thank you for the prompt response and shipping. Cheers, Karen..Kansas City, MO  


I ordered online Thursday & it was in my mailbox Saturday. Wow!!! Incredible. My skin feels smoother after just one use. Thanks again.  Michelle, Laconia, NH.


Thank you so much. Got my towels really quickly, I will always order from you. I had been ordering from Amazon, NO MORE.

Thanks again, Chemeckia NY


OMG, I received this today and just used it for the first time, bloody hell-how GOOD is it!!!!!!fantastic product, I shall be buying more in the next few days, gifts for my friends. Cheers Tricia,  Australia


Thanks so much, Joie, for the speedy dispatch of your wonderful Salux shower cloths. They are sublime. I've tried shower cloths before that were supposed to scrub, but were just a a waxy mesh that might as well be a cotton facecloth, but these palpably do your skin all sorts of favours and feel terrific. Your personal service is really appreciated too. Please add my name to your fans. Sarah UK

This is my second order, and I plan on sharing these with my besties and a couple clients. I am working with a naturopath on detoxing and she was using exfoliating gloves on me as a dry brush. I went to several stores looking for a similar product when I realized I had this in my shower and another in the closet. So I used the extra as a dry brush and was AMAZED.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!!! So grateful to get these, they really make a difference in health!!   Michelle…Duval, WA

Thank you!!  I have been using these scrub towels since I met my husband 11 years ago. I love them… BUT he won’t shower without them. They are amazing, awesome parts of everyday cleansing, detoxing and exfoliation for anyone. Hugs, Peace and Grace, Pamela,  Morrow Bay, CA

Thank you!! These things are amazing! I'm giving these to my sisters, as of now my mom and I are fans for life!  :-)Jennifer, Marysville, OH 

Hello Joie, I have received my order of clothes and my friends and colleagues are happily trying them out. They were so popular that there was not enough to go around.The colours were beautiful and their performance is second to none. Thank you, I look forward to ordering from you again very soon.Kind regards, Jillian UK

Hi Joie, This is my 4th time purchasing with you and I will continue to do so. you are such a pleasant person to do business with I hope you continue with this attitude because I'm sure I can't be the only one who deeply appreciates it :) Thank you so much and I  hope you have an amazing new year! Meriem..Alexandria, VA

 "I bought a pack of 10 for Christmas gifts & the feedback has been great, everyone has loved them. My husband pinched the one I saved for myself, so will be ordering more the price is fantastic, and the international shipping & tracking information is the best I've ever received. Thank you!"  

--Nikki..Oxford, UK 


Joie, Thank you so much!  My son is away at school and forgot his Salux cloth.  He will be so surprised & thrilled to get new ones!  He told me it is the only thing he misses from home - not his family, my cooking, his bedroom, or the family pet! Lol Maxine..Urbana. Il

 Women, listen up! If you have dry scaly skin, bumps on your rump, behind your arms, flaking skin, dry feet, itchy back, etc., this is your cure! Highly exfoliating and invigorating very affordable and they last a long time.  Thank you Salux! Lori..Colorado

 Hi Joie, I received my order today - WOW could you have gotten it to me any sooner - I don’t think so! My whole family uses the Salux bath clothes and love them. The Salux bath clothes are so hard to find and replacements don’t feel the same.  Thanks for making things easier for me. Don’t you close up shop, lol. You are my new go to person! Murielle, New Jersey


I've been using these cloths since 1969. Don't have any other washcloth in my showers. The beauty of it is it's self cleaning, gets washed every time you shower! The biggest benefit is how clean you feel after showering. I gift them to all my family and special friends. Pauline..Pointe Vedra, FL 

You don't know how pleased I am to find a source other than my daughter in Hawaii, Joie!  I've been using salux since the early 80's when I lived in Hawaii for 6 years - can't bathe properly without one. Patrice.. St Helens, OR

Thx for your prompt delivery, since I have been using Salux, taking a shower is very good and relaxing. It allows me to scrub my back with ease. I have been sending the cloths to all my family.  Joseph, Garretson, SD

Wow! I loved my 1st shower with this amazing cloth.  I have suffered from chronic skin itching for years and after just 1 use of the Salux, I didn't itch last night and have never felt so well scrubbed! All that and excellent customer service too. I appreciated your nice note.  Marc.. GA