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The Salux Shop is located and ships from The Central Coast of California, USA

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 Customer Comments

Sept 7, 20i8 Joie, shopping with you has been a fantastic experience.  First, I love supporting female entrepreneurs!  Your turnaround time is excellent and your handwritten note inside the package is a perfect touch to remind us that we are not dealing with some faceless, monolithic corporation, but a living breathing person who probably has incredibly soft, glowing skin from using her own product.

I Salute the Salux!  I feel so clean, tingling as if my skin were singing Hallelujah We Are Clean Clean Clean (and so soft now I might add).  And my back feels as if I just had a massage with exfoliation.

How uplifting to find a product that delivers more than it promises.  BTW, I discovered you on Into The Gloss, a site that loves your product. Glowingly yours, Kathryn...Los Angeles, CA

Aug 3, 2018 Hello Joie, Thank you for shipping so quickly. I got a Salux cloth for a friend and she loves it! The others are for me. Clean just isn't clean without a Salux.  Thanks again, Tracy..Littlerock CA

July 14, 2018 I've been using these cloths since 1969. Don't have any other washcloth in my showers. The beauty of it is it's self cleaning, gets washed every time you shower! The biggest benefit is how clean you feel after showering. I gift them to all my family and special friends. Pauline.. Pointe vedra, fl

June 26, 2018 I found out about your product by researching ways to help exfoliate my skin. I ordered the 5 pack along with a 2 pack of the Super Hard ...I am so very pleased with the regular clothes that I haven't even used the Super Hard one yet. Being able to wash this cloth as often as I would like is a huge perk for me. I have been telling everyone I can about your clothes...what an AMAZING product!!!! Thank you :) Stephanie ..Sandston VA

May 4, 2018 Thank you, Joie! A friend gave me a Salux a while ago, and I love it. I was wanting a new one to take on a trip as well as a backup. Purchased a cheap version from Walmart last night and there is no comparison. I learned a lot from your website! And thank you for the prompt response and shipping. Cheers, Karen..Kansas City, MO

May 3, 2018 I received my package. Thank you for the fast turnaround! I'm gifting some to my family, they are too good to keep to myself. 
Suzanne..Rochester, NY 

March 29, 2018 I hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that my order arrived today safe and sound and to thank you again! I can't wait to try them out. The whole process has been a pleasure :) I'll look forward to ordering from you again in the future!  Annalie..UK
Jan 28 2018   Dear Joie, I want to thank you for the outstanding and quick service you have provided. I’m really excited about the product, and will definitely order from you again!  All the best, Solange .. Netherlands

May 22, 2017 Got them, Joie!  I’m always glad to see you’re still there every time I need to order. I've been buying from you for years and your customer service and product are always above-and-beyond.  You’re obviously doing something right!  Have a great day! Marianne..Madison, WI

April 4. 2017 Hi Joie, I just wanted to say that my recent purchase of your Salux bath cloths (regular and super hard) was some of the BEST money I've spent in a long time. First of all, your customer service is stellar! Not only did I get a confirmation when I first placed my order, and then a notification that the order had been shipped, but I received it so quickly...I mean, wow! I decided to try the Super Hard Salux first, since it had been a while since I properly exfoliated. Let's just say that my skin is so soft, that I've been touching myself all day - arms, legs, shoulders - super soft! moisturize my skin with shea butter in the morning; but by late afternoon, my skin is ashy. But not today - the best moisturizers in the world are not effective if the skin isn't properly exfoliated. I am so grateful I discovered Salux. I bought enough to share...but I dunno.....Thanks! Michelle..Savannah GA
Jan 18, 2017 Thank you Joie, got the order Friday and got your cute message!!! I used the cloth Sunday and my skin felt much cleaner and no itch. Normally when I use a mitt my skin felt a little itch but not with Salux. I felt way better and my KP bumps felt smoother. So far happy customer. Shella..Union City, CA

Jan 11, 20017  Dear Joie Just thought that I'd give you some feedback after my purchase.

I brought a pack of 10 for Christmas gifts & the feedback has been great, everyone has loved them. My husband pinched the one I saved for myself, so will be ordering more as I think a few people will want extras & then I can have a couple too. The price is fantastic, and the international shipping & tracking information is the best I've ever received. Thank you  Nikki..Oxford, UK

Sept 6 2016, Joie, Thank you so much!  My son is away at school and forgot his Salux cloth.  He will be so surprised & thrilled to get new ones!  He told me it is the only thing he misses from home - not his family, my cooking, his bedroom, or the family pet! lol

Maxine..Urbana. Il

Aug 20 2016  Have used my Salux cloth a few times now, with different body washes and it’s fantastic!! Love!!Gave one to my niece and she loves it too!Cheers and thanks for the prompt efficient customer service.  Rika..Australia

July 19.2016    Wow! I loved my 1st shower with this amazing cloth.

 I have suffered from chronic skin itching for years and
after just 1 use of the Salux, I didn't itch last night and have never felt so
well scrubbed! All that and excellent customer service too. I appreciated your
nice note.  Marc.. Martinez, GA

June 24, 2016  Women, listen up! If you have dry scaly skin, bumps on your rump, behind your arms, flaking skin, dry feet, itchy back, etc., this is your cure! Highly exfoliating and invigorating. I even use it lightly on my face. People comment a lot on how soft my skin is. I use a moisturizing shower gel and the lather with these cloths is great, so less soap is needed. I also use coconut oil or Shea butter, or a rich lotion immediately after showering and my skin is no longer dry. These cloths are amazing and a beauty secret you'll want to share with your friends!. Very affordable and they last a long time. Highly recommend to anyone! Thank you Salux! 

Lori  Colorado, USA

 April 28, 2016 Good afternoon! I recently purchased a Salux cloth two days ago and just now received it in the mail. The shipping speed was much quicker than expected which was great. When I opened the small package, I had of course, received an authentic Salux cloth (for any with doubt, there is a page available that discusses authenticity and imitation cloths that is extremely helpful) and a message wishing 'a great shower,' LOL It was very much pleasant to know that there was a touch of vender-to-consumer communication, in my opinion. 😆😆The entire package was completely sealed and intact. I honestly cannot wait to try it after hearing so many great responses. And so, overall, I'd like to thank the crew at the Salux Shop for the excellent and pleasant service. 👌👌👌  Sen A, Norcross, GA

April 8, 2016   I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. It was shipped so fast I can't believe it! Your concern about your customers satisfaction is very refreshing. Thanks again!

Brenda, Greentown, IN

Feb 28, 2016 Thanks!! This is my second order, and I plan on sharing these with my besties and a couple clients. I am working with a naturopath on detoxing and she was using exfoliating gloves on me as a dry brush. I went to several stores looking for a similar product when I realized I had this in my shower and another in the closet. So I used the extra as a dry brush and was AMAZED.  I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!!! So grateful to get these, they really make a difference in health!!!!   Michelle…Duval, WA

Feb 13, 2016  I can hardly believe the prompt service - ordered on Tuesday and received on Friday!!  Thank you for the excellent service.

Arlene, BC Canada

Feb 3, 2016  Hello Joie, Please provide me with the shipping details for my package.  My old Salux 'died' and I had to go with something (not so) similar, that just isn't doing the job.  I am excited to get my new Salux so I can scrub again. Thanks, Dina..San Lorenzo, CA

Jan 31. 2016 Thanks, Joie.  The processing/shipment was lighting  fast – I received my  package on Saturday.  I am delighted to find you as a source of Salux.  I am thrilled with the white color.

Regards  Deborah.. Roxbury, MA 

Dec 9, 2015 Thanks, Joie!I ordered a Salux cloth from Amazon vendor Premium Products Ultd and I received a counterfeit. It had the tag, patents listed, it was made in Japan, etc. The only thing it didn't have was the correct lady model on the packaging. I sent you some photos to show you in case you're interested. I would've ordered directly from your website earlier but it was giving me an error message of "Forbidden". I'm glad you guys got it up and running. Thanks and have a wonderful afternoon.

Alex, Miami, Fl

Nov 29, 2015  Thank you!!  I have been using these scrub towels since I met my 

husband 11 years ago. I love them… BUT he won’t shower without them.

They are amazing, awesome parts of everyday cleansing, detoxing

and exfoliation for anyone. Hugs, Peace and Grace,

Pamela,  Morrow Bay, CA

Nov 10, 2015 You don't know how pleased I am to find a source other than my daughter in Hawaii, Joie!  I've been using salux since the early 80's when I lived in Hawaii for 6 years - can't bathe properly without one. Patrice.. St Helens, OR

July 13, 2015 Hello Joie, my co-worker referred me to you. I just want you to know you have the best customer service that I haven't seen in a long time. I am very big on customer service. Looking forward to trying out your product and sharing it with others. When I read your comment "have a great shower" it made me laugh. Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service Joie!

Coretta..Atlanta, GA


Feb 24, 2015  Thank you for the speed-of-light delivery of my first time order of the Salux Original Japanese Beauty Skin Cloth. It fit nicely in my mailbox without a trip to the post office. I did want to compare this to a version that I bought at the mall from a well known body products company. The Salux wins! It's more effective, yet less abrasive, so I'm very pleased to report that I'll be buying these from now on and giving them as gifts. I'm very particular about what I buy and use, so you know this has to be awesome (b/c it is). Also, I did my homework ahead of time to ensure I had the Original (Japanese origin). Five stars, 100% pleased! Carla..Bennington NE


Feb 22, 2015 Hello Joie, I have received my order of clothes and my friends and colleagues are happily trying them out. They were so popular that there was not enough to go around.The colours were beautiful and their performance is second to none. Thank you, I look forward to ordering from you again very soon.

Kind regards, Jillian UK


Jan 5, 2015  Hi Joie, This is my 4th time purchasing with you and I will continue to do so. you are such a pleasant person to do business with I hope you continue with this attitude because I'm sure I can't be the only one who deeply appreciates it :) Thank you so much and I  hope you have an amazing new year! Meriem..Alexandria, VA


Jan 1, 2015  Hello Joie, I just wanted to thank you for the Salux products you sent us. They arrived in a timely manner and are being thoroughly enjoyed by everybody in the house!  I believe that superior customer service should always be recognized. I do a lot of online shopping and the level of service from sundry companies varies from “Wow!” to “What were they thinking!!”. Your company is definitely in the former rather than latter category. You offer an excellent product at a very competitive price and add nice human touches (I liked the little note in with the order!). I wish more companies did business like you do. So...

you are now our official Salux ‘go-to’ gal.   

All the best, Phil..Canada 

Nov 29 2014 Thanks so much, Joie, for the speedy dispatch of your wonderful Salux shower cloths. They are sublime. I've tried shower cloths before that were supposed to scrub, but were just a a waxy mesh that might as well be a cotton facecloth, but these palpably do your skin all sorts of favours and feel terrific. Your personal service is really appreciated too. Please add my name to your fans. 

Sarah UK

Oct 27, 2014  Hi Joie, I ordered my Salux Cloths from you Thursday afternoon and they were here in Atlanta on Saturday!  Super fast!  I just got back from an overnight camping trip and couldn't wait to try the new Salux cloths for the first time.  In one word - wonderful!  My skin already feels smoother, so I can't wait to see the difference a few days will make in the texture of my dry, scaly skin. I did not find the cloth to be too abrasive, but my skin is not too tender.  It felt great to my back and lathered up great with just a little Dr. Bronner's liquid soap.  I ordered a few for gifts and know that I will be ordering more to share.  Can't believe I had never heard of these before, so I am going to spread the word! Thanks for your quick and responsive attention to my order.  Mega companies could take a lesson from you on customer service and quality product. 

Thanks, Lolalo USA

Oct 2, 2014 Joie, We received the Salux wash cloths this morning. Just got out of the shower...OMG invigorating! I can't believe how wonderful this product is! This may sound disgusting but it makes you feel so much cleaner! Sounds silly but I will be ordering more for stocking stuffers!  Thank you thank you thank you! Can't wait for tomorrow's shower!

Cindy....Brantingham NY

Sept 3, 2014  Hi Joie, I have placed several orders with your company.  Your service is excellent and you sell a great product.  I am so happy that I found you and I wish you continued success in your business.

Thanks, Marcia.. Gansevoort, NY


July 12, 2014  I know you have heard this a zillion times but I just tried the Salux cloth for the first time and it's amazing! My skin is soft and polished like I had a body exfoliation at a high end spa! I love it so much that I posted my opinion and your web address on my Face Book and I never do that!

Kind Regards Katie..Canada

 March 28, 2014 Hi Joie, I just wanted to thank you for the really great experience that I' m having with the Salux cloth! The shipping was so quick also. I was surprised how my skin is soft even if I read the reviews and kind of expect something great :) In our country there is no chance to buy it, so your shop was the only choice-I wanted to be sure to have original. Having shower was always a boring everyday ritual, now I'm really enjoying how extremely soft my skin is. Thank you again and sorry for my english.Bye.

Hanka, Czech Republic


Feb 21, 2014  Joie, I got the bath cloths last week and I was so happy! You can't find anything like these in Wisconsin.  A number of years ago a department store had something similar but it was so whimpy!   As it was, they discontinued those whimpy ones anyway.  I found 1 in Hawaii several years ago which was good but the ends of it were ripping off and it was getting shorter, so short in fact I could barely scrub my back with it.  I have been relying on that tattered thing for about a year. I got on line and it took some time but eventually I came upon a thread where some people in the know were "talking" about these bath cloths by Salux. ( I didn't even know what to call them.  We always called them our backscrubbers).  Following on their comments I decided to order directly from your site. I have not used a washcloth in 20 years!  I was getting depressed thinking I would never have another bath cloth.  Life is good again. Also, I appreciate how quickly you filled the order. 

Carol.. Janesville, WI  

Feb 13, 2014  Joie, I received my cloths today. I am SO glad that I did all the research until I found your website. After my shower, I don't think I have even one dead skin cell on  my body! I feel like I had been to a Spa. I feel amazingly refreshed! I also realized the one I got in Seoul S Korea had been worn out.  When I am ready, I'm going to order as presents for special people in my life. Thank you for having your website.

PhyAnne, Mesa AZ

 Feb 9, 2014  Thanks Dave and Joie for your warm, professional service.  It's my second time around. NOTHING beats these Salux Cloths!  A soak in a hot fragrant tub then a rub down with a Salux dipped in a rich bath gel like mama mio's omega shower cream is HEAVEN. MY HUSAND LOVES A SALUX in the shower.

NRB Detroit, MI 

Dec 20,2013 Thank you!! These things are amazing! I'm giving these to my sisters, as of now my mom and I are fans for life! 

:-)Jennifer, Marysville, OH 

Dec 3, 2013  Hi, joie! I received my washcloths in record time and absolutely LOVE them! My skin has never felt so smooth and for the 1st time, I can wash my back without pulling a muscle, lol! I’ve bought back brushes in the past, but they either got mildewy or fell apart. Much more sanitary than shower puffs, too. 

 Debbie, SC 

Sept 19, 2013 Joie! I received my salux today and just took a shower. Boy o boy!!!!

It was great! I didn't know if I would really notice a difference since I already use

all kinds of exfoliating gloves, body brushes and scrubs. But I did! My skin did feel

softer. I couldn't get out of the shower. I may need to purchase some more for a few

of my friends. Thanks a lot!

Telula, NY

Sept 10. 2013 I received my shipment yesterday and I'm totally thrilled with it. These are the best towels ever and I highly recommend them to any one who really wants to feel clean after a bath or shower. These are so much better than a wash cloth.

Mary, Las Vegas,NV

Aug 12, 2013  I'm so grateful I found your site.  I bought my one and only Salux cloth at a local Korean market and 2-1/2 yrs later now it has started to rip.  That market doesn't sell that nice long size anymore, and I was at a loss.  So finally I got the bright idea to google Salux cloth, and came up with your site. So easy to order and no shipping costs, what more could I ask for. Then I discovered you are located in Arroyo Grande - nice town, like S.B.  Thank you for making my - and my husband's - showers nice again.

Gloria...Santa Barbara,CA

 Aug 6, 2013  Hey joie, I am a happily returning customer. I last ordered with you for Christmas. I am steadily getting more Salux addicts for you :-) I am constantly giving your web address for those addicts I got hooked. Keep up the great customer service, and above all, stay in business!  Be blessed!

Estell..Stafford, VA 

Aug 4,2013  Hello Joie! My name is Ashley and I just wanted to send this email to tell you how happy I am with my Salux washcloth! Upon my first use, I realized just how awesome it really is. It felt good to use and left my skin feeling very soft. I also love the size of it, which makes it perfect for those hard to reach places. The best thing about it, though, is probably the fact that it dries incredibly quickly inhibiting bacterial growth. I feel even cleaner in more ways than one. So, thank you for providing me with such an excellent product and at a very reasonable price too!

Ashley USA

July 18, 2013   Joie, Thank you for the easy ordering, quick response, and fast delivery of exactly what I ordered!  Your prices are extremely competitive. I've been using the Salux wash cloth for over 20 years.  In Hawaii it was fairly easy to find Salux but expensive.  In Vegas, where we now live, it's impossible to find this great washcloth. Take care and I'll be ordering from your website again, although it might be a while before you hear from me. These cloths last a long time!

Cheers! Evie, Las Vegas,NV

July 16, 2013  Hello, Received my order yesterday.  I have to tell you that I couldn't be more pleased with this transaction.  Your customer service is exceptional!  Quick shipping, informing me every step of the way and of course, the Linus cartoon.

Thank you, Zana...Davie, FL

July 2, 2013 Hi Joie, Just wanted you to know that the cloths arrived today. Thanks so much for the wonderful customer service you've provided. I will rave to everyone about your cloths and will absolutely send them to your store. Off for my bath now!!! :0)

Thanks again!  Jenny, Canada

May 7,2013 Thanks!  I've used your beauty cloth for years without actually knowing the name.  Just recognized the package at Marukai.  I now live in Minnesota and thought I was buying similar products only to be disappointed, I finally got smart and looked at the tag of my beauty cloth.  Then looked it up on the internet!  

Cheers, Ruth Taylor  Saint Paul,MN

Aptil 24, 2013 Hi Joie, Thank you so much for the speedy delivery.I am very impressed with your wonderful customer service. I will always order my Salux from only you.

Noni  Murrieta, CA

April 7, 2013  Hello Joie - I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the best online shopping experience EVER!  I truly appreciate the quick order processing and wonderful communication...not to mention the wonderful product! Thank you again for your terrific customer service.  I will definitely will be back and I will be sure to spread the word about your wonderful shop!

Warm regards, Lillian, Everett, MA

March 17, 2013 Hello Joie, I just want to thank you for your very fast shipping of my salux cloth. I ordered online Thursday & it was in my mailbox Saturday. Wow!!! Incredible. My skin feels smoother after just one use. Thanks again.   

Michelle, Laconia, NH.

March 13, 2013  Hi Joie, Ijust received my shipment today after placing my order Sunday night. You are always so prompt with your orders and I can always count on you for wonderful service! Thank you so much for doing such a great job! :-)     

Jamie,  Port Matilda, PA

 Jan 20,2013 Thx for your prompt delivery, since I have been using Salux, taking a shower is very good and relaxing. It allows me to scrub my back with ease. I have been sending the cloths to all my family. 

Joseph, Garretson, SD

Jan 15, 2013  Hello Joie, Received my package today!!! What a relief! As said, I got my cloth in the early 1980’s as a gift and was one desperate girl not knowing what to even call it and how to find it. Thank God I found you... as another piece ripped off the other day from my old Japanese washcloth and it’s quite short, a bit of a challenge to say the least. No kidding since I’m overweight and 5’10 and no spring chicken. Now... don’t let yourself get carried away with too much imagination as you will laugh your head off! ... Obviously looking forward to my shower tonight. 

Renee, WA

Jan 9, 2013 Hi Joie, I just wanted to thank you for your rapid service. I love this cloth! I’ve been using a Nigerian mesh cloth for years and I have not been able to replace it with the same type. I was worried about the Salux cloth, but it is perfectly rough and makes my skin so soft.

Thanks a million!!  Dianne, Canada

 Dec 18, 2012  Dear Joie,Thank you for the quick turn around on my order. I ordered on Friday the 14th.. Received my order today.. Monday the 17th. Iam looking forward to trying them and gifting them to my daughters. Great customer service!!!

Debbie, Pineville, LA

Dec 12, 2012 Hello Joie, I have ordered and ordered these cloths again and again.  I have given them to just about everyone I know.  I truly love this cleansing cloth.  I have been using a Salux cloth for at least 10 years.  First given to me by a Japanese friend of mine.  Yearly I go to a dermatologist only because I am a sun worshiper and she checks me over.  Never a problem.  She has actually said to me “you have beautiful skin” and I am 65, so lots of years of “fun in the sun”.  On my last visit I gave her a cloth.  I NEVER have itchy dry skin even in the winter with the cold Pennsylvania weather and dry heat.  In the summer I don’t peal even after lying out in the sun because I use the cloth daily and it removes the sun damaged skin. Another use I have found; I apply nail polish before I go to bed.  When I shower in the morning, I rub my nails with my soapy cloth and it removes any nail polish I have gotten on my skin.  My nails look like they were polished professionally. My husband also uses a cloth.  I will NEVER shower without one. When I travel, I just take a baggy so I can put my cloth away damp. They are truly the BEST.  Thank you for a great product. 

 Susan,  Langhorne, PA

Dec 10, 2012  Hello,I just wanted to say THANK YOU JOIE! I Just received my cloth in the mail and had the best shower of my life. Now I know what all the hype is about. I can already tell i'm going to have to order more of these and not just for myself. I'll never use a regular washcloth again! I only wish I would have known about these years ago. These would have really came in handy when I was still in the army. I would have loved one of these in Iraq!! I already told a friend that will be ordering one for himself and his wife. FAST SHIPPING! I ordered mine on Friday and it got here in Monday! Your The Best!! 

Forever Converted. Joshua, Clarksville, TN 

Dec 7, 2012 Hello Joie,Thank you for the free, fast shipping and for providing the excellent Japanese wash cloth. After using the Salux, I have no use for all the other bath tools in my shower. I will be sharing your shop and making another purchase in the near future to gift this awesome, interesting cloth to people in my life. Also, thank you for the nice note, it is much appreciated. Have yourself a wonderful day.

Sincerely, Sioux, Canada

Dec 4, 2012 Happy holidays to you as well. Thank you for such professional service on a fabulous product which my family and friends love to receive as gifts (not to mention how much I love having my own)! Many blesses to you and yours.

D Horton  Greenbrier,TN

 Dec 1, 2012 Hi Joie, I'd just like to say thank you for your excellent customer service. I liked the cloths so much, I've placed another order for the "super hard" version. Notwithstanding how much I like the cloths, it's your fast and personalized response which made me decide to buy from you again. You remarkably shipped within a few hours of my purchase! I'll be recommending your shop to all of my friends. I hope you stay in business forever! Well, for a long time anyway...

Take care,  K.Hoboken, NJ

 Oct 24,2012  Hi Joie, Thanks so much for sending the package so fast. I ordered on Tuesday from VA and today is Thursday and I'm opening it right now. That was speedy delivery! You fulfilled my order just as asked too. 

Ruth-Ann, VA

 Sept 17 2012  Hi Joie, Thank you for getting these to me so quickly! I placed my order 

on Saturday and received the cloths with the colors I requested today 

(Monday)...I originally found out about these cloths when reading about a

famous celeb that swears by them! I used it tonight for the 1st time 

and my skin is silky smooth! Thanks again!!

Cindy- Dallas TX

 Sept 11, 2012  HI Joie! As always, you are the best!!! I put in my order on 

Friday evening, and I got my package Monday!!!! Keep up the great work!!

Thank you and best regards, MC, Michigan 

 Aug 29, 2012 Hi Joie,The goodies arrived. Thank you so much for your 

excellent fast and friendly service. I especially liked the handwritten 

note! I love your product and the way you do business!!! All the very 

best to you.

dm  Australia

 Aug 9,2012  Good morning, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you 

for exceptional customer service. I ordered my cloths Monday morning and

couldn't believe they were in my mail box Wednesday morning. I also 

really appreciate that after I placed my order you actually took the 

time to personally email me, letting me know when they were going out in

the mail. I have never experienced such great customer service when 

ordering online. I don't know what I love best, the great customer 

service or the actual bath cloths.  Needless to say, when I need more, I will reorder from you.

Thank you, Alanna, Nottingham, MD 

Aug 6, 2012  Thank you so much. Got my towels really quickly, I will always order from you. I had been ordering from Amazon, NO MORE.

Thanks again, Chemeckia NY

Aug 1, 2012   Received order today. Just wanted to say thank you for the 

extremely fast shipping & email order communications! I've had a few

of these & wore them out. My girlfriend loves them, I forgot were i

got them from years ago. I found the name of it on what was left of the

tag...LoL, Went on line & your store came up.Thanks again, will 

pass the word & your site along to friends as these are great !

Mark, South San Francisco,CA

June 15, 2012 Just wanted to say 'thank you' for such a speedy return for my Order. 

Received some days ago now. It's wonderful and I wished I'd discovered 

you sooner but at least now I have.

Cheers! Charlotte (from the UK)

 April 21, 2012  Hi Joie, First and foremost, thank you for your prompt 

delivery.  I received my bath towels within days. That same night I used

one and appreciated the difference it made on my skin.  It truly is 

very different than anything else out there. Best wishes,

Gloria  Oak Park, IL

  April 10, 2012  Hi Joie, I received my order today - WOW could you have gotten it to me any sooner - I don’t think so!!!! You are awesome. My whole family uses 

the Salux bath clothes and love them. The Salux bath clothes are so hard

to find and replacements don’t feel the same. Every time I find a store

that has the Salux bath towels, they stop carrying the colors I like or

the store ends up closing . Thanks for making things easier for me :-) 

Don’t you close up shop, lol. You are my new go to person!

Murielle, New Jersey

 March 23, 2012 I just wanted to thank you for an amazing product. I've been using body exfoliating towels for 20 years, but this was my first experience using 

Salux. They're definitely far superior to all the others I've used. Thanks for a superb body towel and such excellent customer service. Much appreciated!

Jade, New York

Feb 28,2012 Hello!I just had to drop a quick note and tell you how much I LOVE the Salux cloth. I have used something similar before and did not like it, but the

Salux cloth is definitely different in a great way. Someone on the QVC 

message boards mentioned it a few days ago, so that is how I came to 

find you, and now I will be passing on the good word. Thanks for a great

product. I will be ordering again soon.

Paula,  Spotsylvania, VA

Feb 17, 2012 Hi Joie, Just wanted to let you know I received my shipment 

today. Since I'm one of your return customers, I knew I'd be well taken 

care of. Your promptness and excellence in providing real customer 

service makes returning to you and the product you represent an easy 

decision. I can't wait to see the smiles on friends faces, both in Norway and San 

Francisco, as they open their little gift! Some are already familiar 

with the cloth, since I gifted them with their first cloth when we were 

all in collage.  Others will really be pleased to receive their first 

cloth as they turn 60 especially those who have always asked what my 

beauty secret is! They just never understood how using a REAL Salux 

cloth faithfully over 40 years could produce such silky smooth skin, but

they'll soon find out! Thank you again for continuing to provide us with this "beauty secret" as well as your personal service!

Evelyn from Norway

 Jan 25, 2012 Hello Joie,Thank you very much for such excellent customer 

service!  I commend you for such prompt shipping.  My order was shipped 

within a few hours of making my transaction.  Now that's service! My 

bundle arrived safely in excellent condition with no damage.The 

handwritten note was very sweet and considerate. Not just that, these 

wash cloths are absolutely amazing!  It makes my skin so soft.  It 

smoothed out the rough patches of skin on my knees, elbows and back.  My

skin has never felt this nice before! I gave one to my mom, and she 

likes it. She says it feels refreshing. Overall I am very pleased and happy. I'm excited to share these to my friends! Again, thank you for making this product accessible for us, and as well for your great customer service!

Cheers! Stephanie.. Toronto, ON

Jan 18,2012 Hi Joie! I just received my first order today and already did 3

scrubs, I loved it so much! I have only good things to say about this 

towel, and also about your fast and personalized service. Will keep buying!

Marian, Greece

Jan 16, 2012  Hi Joie, I just received my Salux towel today. I just wanted 

to say THANK YOU - it arrived so quickly, and it's the first thing to 

ever help with my KP! I will definitely be ordering more in the future 

& I will be sure to share the news with my friends/family. 

Thanks again, Farah.. Ohio 

Dec 19, 2011 Thanks Joie!!!I'd like to thank you for the most worry free 

and pleasurable e-shopping experience this year. The extra touches are 

great and I'm always confident when placing an order with you. Have a 

merry Christmas and all the best in the new year! 

Shaun..canada Dec 1, 2011 

Thanks so much. I have not been able to try them out yet but my

mother in Ohio did and she immediately she wanted more! She really 

liked it. Don't know if I told you but I was in Iraq when I heard about 

your product. A Major in the army told me that they are must haves and 

will change your shower life forever.

Thanks! Pat, Ohio Nov 20, 2011

Hello Joie, Yay! I am so grateful that you have them :)

I have used one of those for 11 years.  Unfortunately, it got nicked in 

my gym bag by my razor. I have tried copy cat versions, but there is 

nothing that can compare to Salux!  I was so excited to find them, I 

decided to order more to share with my Mom and friends.

Thank you again :) Natalie,Colorado

Oct 23,2011  Hey Joie, just wanted to add another glowing testimonial to 

your site.  I first read about the wonders of Salux on the TruthInAging 

website and landed on your website though a quick google search.  This 

was after reading about others purchasing Salux elsewhere and being 

disappointed when they received a fake Salux.  You’ve got the real deal 

and compared to others on the web it’s a great price!  You can imagine 

my shock when I placed my order on the night of October 19th and 

received it here in KY on Oct. 22rd.   No sooner than the order was 

placed I was advised that it would ship the very next day.  Now that’s 

what I call customer service!  Oops, almost forgot to mention, the Salux

is great too!  

AS   Louisville, KY. 

Oct 18, 2011   OMG, I received this today and just used it for the first 

time, bloody hell-how GOOD is it!!!!!!fantastic product, I shall be 

buying more in the next few days, gifts for my friends. thank you Joie

Cheers Tricia,  Australia

 Sept 17. 2011  Hi Joie! I received my first order from you last week, and I 

now don't know how I got along without these cloths before now! I've 

already thrown out my netted poufs - these are so much better.I like 

them so much, I posted a link to your shop on my Facebook page, and I 

think I have convinced several of my friends they have to try them! I 

know I'll be back for more for myself and to have on hand as gifts! 

Many thanks..Juli California 

Sept 15, 2011 HI Joie, I just wanted to let you know that you have GREAT service and really good prices!! I ordered some towels last week, and they came two days later!!Also, I have found that if I order in bulk, that your prices are better than the local Japanese store, and that includes shipping!! Thank you and best regards, MC Michigan 

Sept 9, 2011 Thank you so much for the quick shipment, I received these in 

NY on Wednesday, which is remarkable. The cloths are just wonderful. I'm

going to share these with friends and recommend to them and others that

they order from your website. Have a wonderful weekend.

Karen,  Brooklyn, NY 

Sept 4, 2011 I just wanted to tell you what an absolute dream it has been to

order from you!! The product shipped immediately, and your 

communication could not have been better! After having used the Salux 

cloths, I am sooooo thrilled I ordered 8! I love my Salux!! I have 

already given one to a friend by slipping it into her birthday bag along

with her other gifts! You should be sure to share with prospective 

customers how just a tiny amount of soap will make a ton of suds when 

using Salux! That means your liquid cleansers will last many times 

longer saving you lots of money!! Also, I no longer have a ton of 

washcloths with hard to remove make up on them sitting in my laundry 

basket. As you can see, I couldn't be a more satisfied customer!!I'll be

enthusiastically spreading the word about you and your site and your 

product!!Thank you again for everything!!!!  

Paula,  Bixby,OK

Aug 20, 2011  Dear

Joie, Just received my wonderful Salux cloths and the colors are so 

lovely! Thank you for your excellent website and service. I have been a 

loyal Salux cloth user for about 40 years!! Can't live without them! 

Thanks again, Jean..Argyle, WI

Aug 10, 2011 I received my order TODAY, in the exact color assortment I 

requested. I really LOVE these bath clothes!! have used them for YEARS 

and enjoy giving them to family and friends.Recently, while in a group 

strength training session at our health club, the trainer moving among 

our class members positioning our bodies, commented under her breath to 

me, in passing: "your skin's so smooth" Surprised, but then understanding the results of my Salux cloth, I remembered to bring a Salux to class the next week, and slip it in the trainer's tote bag. A friend questioned my action, and I told her of the comment, and how I love my Salux. Well, of course, the friend wanted one, and having only two left, I placed this order with you so I can give seven class member/friends their own Salux!! I am seventy-five years of age, and my skin is quite amazingly smooth and blemish-free. I have never really 

"worn out" a cloth, but refresh them occasionally. Thanks for your fine web site and wonderful fast service!!

Marty,Indianapolis, IN

July 24, 2011 Thank you so much for my last order, it shipped so fast, and I LOVE my Salux cloths - it was my first time using them, and now I am hooked! 


 June 4, 2011 Thank you Joie, for my wonderful cloths, they are perfect as promised! Your service has been brilliant! Thanks for the super fast delivery of the product to the UK and your efficient and friendly communication. I intend to buy lots more and recommend you to all my friends and family.

Jess, London" 

May 27, 2011 I purchased one of your towels and absolutely love it! I was led to your site after an unfortunate transaction through Amazon. I initially used Google to search for a place to buy a Salux towel and was led to Amazon where I bought several. Upon receiving them I realized that they were not Salux 

towels as was advertised on Amazon, but a cheaper Chinese knock-off 

called "Leyijie". Several other reviewers on Amazon have voiced their 

complaints about this, but I wanted to make sure you knew as well - 

especially since Amazon does not seem to have done anything about it. I 

never write these kinds of emails but your product was so much better 

quality than the knock-off, that I feel you should get the business you 

are entitled to.

Thank you again,  Sarah, Hartstown, PA

 May 18, 2011 Thank you for such fast service! It was only 48 hrs or less. I

have to tell you that I have been using this product for OVER..40 yrs! I

love them and like to give them as client gifts and on special 

occasions! They are always a hit! 

Katherine Califonia

 May 7, 2011 I just wanna thank you for your extraordinary service. I received my 

cloths promptly... with a signed note (so thoughtful). It's my first 

time to use this cloth (just luckily found your site)... and I can only 

agree to all the other comments that the Salux cloth is the best wash 

cloth I've ever used. I'll definitely order more cloths for my family 

and friends. Two thumbs up to you and to the Salux cloth.

Alma,  California

April 26, 2011 Hi Joie, Just had to tell you I love my new Salux cloths! I 

can't believe how much lather I get now from just a small amount of body

wash. And they feel so great. I had tried a similar type of cloth 

before but Salux is definitely the best. By the way, I received them on 

Saturday 23rd April which I thought was pretty fast, considering they 

had to come all the way to England. I'll be sure to re-order, the only 

downside is that it won't be for a while as I get the feeling they will 

last pretty well! Thanks again. Suzy  United Kingdom 

  April 20, 2011 I can't express how much I love this cloth. I gave one to my 

mother who is 80 years old and she absolutely loves it. She said it made

her skin so soft especially her feet to the point she didn't want to 

get out of the shower! She is very hard to please and I was worried it 

would be too rough for her delicate skin. She said it was the best thing

she has ever used to get rid of rough and dry skin! I am ordering 8 

more to give to sisters and daughters. Thank you so much for such a 

wonderful product!

Donna Jackson, MS

 April 14, 2011 OMG i love the bath cloths sooo much, it makes my skin feel 

soooo soft, smooth and clean. I gave some to my friends, they love it 

too.  Thank you sooo much, please tell me you will be forever supplying 

this because I will be surely buying more for myself and friends. :)


April 13, 2011 I recieved the Salux wash cloths on Friday. I am very happy with them, already passed one to my daughter she thinks they are great.Thank you for your great communication and excellent customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other people.

Jackie  Canada 

April 3, 2011 Hi Joie, As a salux user for over 25 years, imagine how sad I 

was when my last scrub cloth literally tore apart. I was always taking 

trips into San Francisco annually, picking up a small stock of salux 

clothes until 4 years ago ... Needless to say' finding the same product 

in Norway is impossible, and after trying a copy cat version from Body 

Shop, I knew I had to find "the real thing" again. Thankfully, I found 

your website and, as you say "a shower is not a shower without a Salux".

I'm back to feeling invigorated, really clean and super smooth! Thanks 

for your fantastic service in providing this fantastic product!


March 25, 2011 My Salux parcel arrived today. I've already tried one - 

they're fantastic! My skin felt wonderful after using it. I'm delighted 

with the product, and also with your excellent service.

Thanks so much. Elisa..

March 21, 2011 Hello Joie! Our bath cloths arrived today and we thank you. I 

am from Ontario, Canada and a good friend of mine introduced these 

cloths to me many years ago. I bought them for years for myself, friends

and family. Fast forward: Moved to Maine and cannot find my cloths. I 

went to Google search and finally put in "Japanese wash cloths", and 

found your site. I had suddenly remembered the name SALUX. I agree with 

you. They should be sold on every street corner! I felt compelled to 

write you because of your wonderful service to us.(I have never done 

this before).

Thank you, Germaine   Berwick,Maine 

March 9, 2011 My beauty cloths arrived today. Thank you for the really wonderful service. Best from Italy, Gail  Feb 23, 2011  I just want to say a big thank you for your very speedy delivery and great customer service - I usually have to wait much longer to get a post within the UK.

Lindsey UK  

Dec 11, 2010  Joie,I received my package. Thank you so much for the prompt shipment, detail to packaging and the personally addressed note included. In the future, when I need to replace any of these, I will only order from you!

Thank you!! Emily Torrance, CA

Nov 4 ,2010 Thank you, love them, these are for Christmas presents! Let's convert the world!  Vidar   Norway Oct 21, 2010


I got  my package yesterday. Thanks so much. It was like being back in 

the Korean public baths again. My skin felt so good afterwards

Paul  Ireland

 Oct 19, 2010  Hi there Joie, I wanted to let you know I got my Salux cloths yesterday, which was quicker than I thought especially coming from the States! I christened one last night and again this morning. After just to 2 showers my skin has never felt so nice and I'm so glad I got them as I'm now a convert and won't use anything else! Thanks for your speedy service and I'll definitely recommend you and the Salux Shop! ;o)  Once again, many thanks! Rena  London, UK 

Oct 5, 2010  Hi joie, I received my cloths yesterday.  They are awesome!  I'm sure I will be ordering more for Christmas presents.  I gave one to my roommate already.  What a great invention!  Thanks for all of your help! 

Jamie  Madison, WI

 Oct 2, 2010  Hi Joie, Thank you for sending it so quickly! I just got it today. Wow! Thanks for making these towels available at such a good price! 

Sarah   Chicago, IL 

Sept 29, 2010   joie and company,  Just felt compelled to send you an email to thank you for your excellent customer service and for providing access to such a fabulous product!  My 6 pack of white cloths were ordered Monday, shipped on Monday (with several detailed email notifications) and received on 

Wednesday!  To top it all off, there was a hand signed thank you in the shipping box!  The cloth is a fabulous little product. initially I was searching for something to scrub my back besides the usual brushes, 

wands, loofahs, etc.. not only does this easily clean every inch of my back, it looks like it will replace my regular washcloth/puff/and scrubby glove.. boyfriend will surely appreciate the reduced shower 

clutter! Thank you so much for a very positive online shopping experience. you did everything right.  Have and great year and never compromise your work ethic 

Shanna   Pensacola, FL 

Sept 20, 2010 Thanks Joie.  I’ve been addicted to these Salux cloths for 25 

years, and every time I order them I have to look for a new vendor. I 

Hope we can continue to do business in the future (Of course, 12 will 

last a while). Max  Birmingham, AL  

Sep 19, 2010  My story is that I purchased one of these years ago (in a 

drugstore), and until I ran into your listing, have been looking for 

them ever since. They are wonderful in general, but especially a godsend

for scrubbing the back (as you know). Everyone I give these to comment 

how much they love them (even men)! They are great to give as an added 

gift with a body gel and lotion. I believe this is my 4th order with 

you. I always keep them on hand. Thank you so much for carrying 

them!!!   Susan Hollywood, FL